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I celebrate the entire month of my birth. Doesn't everyone??

I was born. 

And it seems that there were quite a few people who were happy about it. At least according to some grainy photos of people in bell bottoms and strange hair who are holding a tiny version of me and smiling.

Then every year after that, those people made a party to commemorate me being born. I liked that. There were presents and treats and laughing. All because I existed.

Sounds wonderful right!? 

Did you love birthdays as a kid? I think most people did.

Mine fell at the most glorious time of the year....the end of the school year! So for me, the month of June has been the finishing of something old and the beginning of something new and amazing.

For me, my birthday became my "new year."

I know that some people get super hyped about January and the changeover of the year, but for me it happens at my birthday. As I move into a new year of life, there seems to be some magic and mystery waiting for what it will be like to be the next year older.

Then I got into my late 30…

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