February Fashion Diaries

Hello my friends! How is it the end of February already?? It seems that time flies faster each year. Much has gone on at the crazy house in the last couple months and it seems like I have had little time/energy to share with you all. I thought I would dive back in by sharing the few fashion diaries I was able to capture during the month of February. :)

Green and Brown
If you read my post at the beginning of the year or have read a magazine at all, you know that green is Pantone's color of the year. I have whole-heartily embraced that and you will see a lot of it featured in my fashion diaries. Ok, here comes the fun:

Boots: These were a "splurge" and were my Christmas present to myself. I bought them new and not on sale (gasp!) for $30 at Cato. If you haven't checked out Cato, look it up online. They have great accessories at low prices.

Tights: Ann Taylor Loft clearance $6

Dress: Gap thrifted sweaterdress. It happened to be a size too big, but I knew a belt would fix that right up. It is super comfortable and versatile. I paid about $6 for it.

Tank top: $2 at Old Navy clearance after the holidays

Earrings: Forever 21 clearance...$1.50

Belt: Cato clearance for....are you ready??..$1.99!! Definitely one of my best scores of the year :)

I got a ton of compliments on this outfit and I wasn't sure why. lol I thought it was cute, but not amazing. I think the allure was putting together colors that are found in nature. I called this my "Tree" outfit. The next time you are looking to mix colors, think about what colors would be found together if you looked outside. If God put them together, why can't you?

Have fun looking in your closet for "nature" colored pieces. Make sure to come back tomorrow for another Fashion Diary post.

peace, love, and cute shoes,


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