New Year....New me? Nope. Well maybe...

So I sat down this morning armed with my cup of coffee, my Spotify playlist, and a brain full of ideas intending to write an encouraging, uplifting New Year blog. Seems like the thing to do, right? Then I started reading back over some of my oldesr posts...and I realized that I have written that all before....and yet here I am about to write the same things. Everything I have been reading online is all the same. All of the sale ads are the same. After the calendar flips to January, the sweets and candy on the shelves will be replaced with Special K and Vitamin water, organizing boxes and exercise equipment. 

We all want the new year to bring a new us. New me...but really? I always feel a bit skeptical at the new year...a bit like Cindy Loo Who at Christmas. There has to be more to it than resolutions and getting fit. More than quitting a habit or starting a new one. It feels a bit arbitrary that the changing of the clock and turning of the day planner page is supposed to make me different...make me change all of my bad habits and suddenly become a new, healthier, wealthier, and wiser me. 

It's easy to fall into that trap, just like it's easy to get caught up in the commercialization of Christmas. We follow the path and flow around us. Yes, I do want to be more fit. Yes, I do want to save money. Yes, I do want to eat clean, be more organized, spend more time outside, etc., etc. etc. Those are all really good things. But does anyone else feel discouraged and defeated when they have blown it all by mid-January? (I've never made it that long...maybe you have)

Maybe it's because I think of too many things I need to change. Or maybe I try to change things on the surface and don't really seek REAL change. 

So how do we stop this cycle? How do we really and truly begin changing into who we want to be? If you figure it out, can you tell me? :) I definitely don't have all the answers, but in 2013, I feel like I began to be on the right path.

Over the next couple days, I'd like to share some thoughts, ideas, plans that might help us all make 2014 the year when we finally make the changes we've been longing for. 

First things first, take a minute and think about what your top priorities are for the year. What is it that you want to make space for or change up in your life? Maybe even that is tough. But don't worry...we will get there. 

Think about what made you the happiest this year. Think about when you felt the most alive...the most YOU. What was it about that time, event, experience that stays with you? Are there several events you can pick a pattern from? For me it is when I am being creative. Whether it is writing, putting outfits together, solving a complex process issue at work, or just coloring, I feel the most "me" when I am creating. 

Start there. Think and ponder about it for a bit. If it helps, write it down. Talk about it with someone. Ask them when they have seen you the happiest, the most relaxed. 

I'll be back tomorrow to talk about what we do we go about putting this into a workable plan that we don't abandon days into the new year.

peace, love, and real change,
chrissy :)


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