Something old new again...Benny and June

Meet June...I met her about a year ago at the Goodwill. She was there hanging out with her mate, Benny. I had been wanting some cute chairs to repaint for my dining room. Benny and June were right there and were only $5 each. They were in perfect condition and were very well made. When I saw them, I immediately knew in  my head that I wanted to paint them and upholster the seats.

The first step was to sand them and pop the seats out. I sanded both by hand because it would have been too tricky to use the power sander. I made sure to knock off all the old varnish so that the new paint would stick. This is a common theme in my projects....sanding makes the rest of your job easier! The varnish came off pretty easy because it was very old. I didn't worry about the seat because it was going to get covered with fabric.

The next step was to spray them with primer. We used an oil based primer because we were planning on using oil based paint. There isn't always a need for primer, but because the wood was so old and porous, we wanted to give it a good base. Using oil based paint makes the finish a lot stronger and shinier. 

The next step was to spray on the color. i chose black and white oil based paint. I really wanted the neutral colors for the chairs so I could pull in the color in the seat fabric. We sprayed the chairs with the airless sprayer to give it a nice, even coat. A few coats later, and the paint was done!

In between coats, I worked on the seats. We had salvaged some foam from an old cushion. (yay for free!) and one yard of Waverly fabric (Buttons and Blossoms) that I bought on sale at Joann's. We hot glued the foam to the seat and then covered the foam with the fabric and hot glued it to the underside of the seat board. 

Finally, we just popped the seat board back into the seat! And they were done!

I am so happy with how they turned out! They were gorgeous as they were, but I love the shiny paint and pop of color on the seats. They are now hanging out in my dining room with Lucille, the yellow dresser. 

Stay tuned for the next project, Edgar the antique mirror!


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