Beauty in the Monday Morning

Monday humor.
Today was my first day back to work after being off since December 20th. It was a glorious, wonderful Christmas break and i had a TERRIBLE time getting out of bed this morning. I almost put on yoga pants instead of my business clothes, I dumped half my bag in my driveway, and yelled a swear that I'm pretty sure the whole neighborhood heard. 

I got in the car and sat there for a minute debating on whether or not I should just go back to bed and then I heard it. A familiar whine of an engine working hard. And there she was! Scooter Lady!!! I first noticed Scooter Lady a few months ago. She is a...well a larger woman. She rides a tiny Vespa type scooter. She wears a round helmet. She always has a cigarette hanging out of the middle of her mouth and dark Bad to the Bone sunglasses on. She rides through my neighborhood every morning at the same time (even though she doesn't live in my neighborhood. She uses it as a pass thru and I have no idea why.) I know I'm running late if I hear her scooter from my bed room. I know I'm early if I pass her in the neighborhood. I don't know why, but I get the biggest kick out of Scooter Lady. Maybe its because she is an interesting sight. Maybe its because she is sooooo consistent. Maybe its because she looks so ridiculously happy on her tiny scooter. Whatever the reason, Scooter Lady, even just the sound of her, makes me smile everyday.

I was thinking about this as I was driving and I stopped at a red light. Red lights are a fun place to observe people in the morning. Most look like the Driving Dead....some talk animatedly on their phones...some sing like they are on stage (Um well that one is me)...some use this time to apply a week's worth of makeup. I enjoyed my red light time inspecting all my fellow red light waiters and their morning behavior. I think I may have seen a dog driving. Not exactly sure though.

Then I got off at my exit and got to see another one of my favorite sights. I drive by the walking/biking route for a large elementary school near my work. There seem to be a lot of dads who take their kids to school each day. That's nice, right? It's made even nicer by the fact that about 90% of the dads are two strapping their daughters Hello Kitty backpacks while they walk next to their daughters riding their bikes OR riding their daughters pink Huffy bikes after they are dropped off. Today I saw a group of dads double strapping girls' backpacks and riding small bikes and scooters. The one day I saw my coworker Brian riding his son's electric razor scooter to work in a shirt and tie. Now I watch for he and his son and they wave to me as they ride child size vehicles. It is AWESOME!!!! 

Finally, I drove the couple miles left to work and I turned into the property behind a white car. No big deal right? Except the driver was dancing so feverishly that his car was shaking! SO FREAKING FANTASTIC!! Dude had something to dance about on Monday morning. I couldn't help but smile again!!

What a great morning commute! I'm glad that I took a minute, opened my eyes, and saw the beauty and hilarity of a Monday morning commute.

Open your eyes tomorrow. Who knows!? You may see me singing like I am rehearsing for my next arena tour in my car ;)

peace, love, and monday giggles,
chrissy :)


  1. So happy u are writing again! Love reading this!


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