One word...2014

Hello friends! Happy 2014!! I woke up briefly to watch the clock change over and then went right back to sleep. Hope that your new started as nice as mine :)

I wanted to share with you my word of the year. A few years back, a friend at work mentioned that she chooses a word each year that she focuses on and works towards during the year. I thought this was a cool idea and so I half-heartedly adopted the practice too. My first word was JOY. It was a nice word...something cool, but I didn't really embrace it or learn from it. The next was HOPE. I chose it because I desperately needed hope that year. Hope that things would get better, easier, and on track. It was a great reminder as I surrounded myself with that one word. My favorite is a bracelet with a HOPE charm that I still wear when I need a reminder. 

At the beginning of 2013, my word found me. PEACE. 2012 had been a year of change, struggle, and growth. I needed to focus on finding peace in the midst of my ever changing and challenging world. Let me tell you, it was not easy having this word. It seems like I was put in situations where finding peace was not easy, but guess what!? I did!! Even as my baby girl was desperately ill in the ER and then in emergency surgery, I had peace. Facing difficult challenges at work, I found peace. Sitting in the mountains of Colorado, the beaches of Florida, and the hills of Ohio...I found peace. And it was beautiful. Hard at times, but beautiful nonetheless. 

So now it is 2014. I've wrestled for weeks on whether or not I was going to even choose a word, but just a couple days ago, my word chose me. CREATE. Miriam Webster defines create as "to make or bring into existence something new" and "to produce through imaginative skill". I love it!!! If you've read my last couple posts, you know that making space for creativity is my top priority for the new year. 

Now the word isn't magic...sometimes it's a pain. However, it is a great way to help yourself focus during the year. Here are some of my friends' words: LISTEN FREE FEARLESS INTENTIONAL LOVE

Its a lot of fun to encourage each other with our words during the year, make Pinterest boards, discuss them, and hold ourselves accountable to our goals.

Have you chosen a word? I'd love to hear it! And if you follow me on Pinterest...well I'm sorry I spammed up your feed with all my "create" pins. I hope you'll forgive me :)

Peace, love, and create!
Chrissy :)


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