talent tuesday

 Hello Lovelies!! We made it through Messy Monday! 

Now we find ourselves at Tuesday. Hmmm. To me Tuesday has always been that limbo day. Not good...not bad. Just Tuesday. You are too far from the prior weekend and not close enough to the next. Sure there are cheap tacos, but really a girl can't live on tacos alone.

"How can I find a way to like Tuesday?" I asked myself.

It came to me this afternoon! Talent Tuesday!Why don't I take this limbo day and use it to highlight some of my talented friends and brag about them?!

My first friend to brag on is my my sweet, beautiful stylist Ms.
Erin Stutes. I have known this gorgeous girl since she was a teenager. (Alas, I was NOT a teenager when we met.) We clicked even then...I always felt like maybe we were meant to be sisters. 
After high school, Erin attended the Aveda Institute (http://aveda.edu/)here in Orlando to pursue her dream of becoming a stylist, both hair and makeup. I had the honor to be her hair model in the beginning of her school career. She was the first one to ever give me a pixie cut. I was also one of her first shampoos....I can't tell you that story because what happens in the shampoo room stays in the shampoo room! :)

 After graduating, she took a break from stylist work to figure out her next steps. I am happy to report that she now has her own chair at Box Office Hair in Winter Springs, FL.

She is the magician behind my platinum blonde pixie, my pink bangs, and my new found confidence with my hair. I loved her work so much that she has now taken care of all of my crazy family!

She took Wes from his long, golden curly locks to his trendy hipster cut.

She gave Mr. Thrifty his new retro hair cut (it is NOT a hipster cut!! It is vintage, ok?) and was even brave enough to trim his beard!!

I am so proud to call Erin my friend. She is smart, funny, creative, and she can rock the black and white stylist wardrobe like no one else!! If you are in the Central Florida area (or want to visit) and need your hair beautified, call Erin at Box Office Hair, Winter Springs. (407-327-7540) Tell her that Chrissy sent you :)

That made me feel good to share my talented friend with you! Do you all have a talented friend you need to share with the world? Give them a shout out and make their day :)

peace, love, and talented friends,

PS: I am not receiving any kickback from sharing this with you. No paid promotions or anything. I just like my friend a lot :)


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