One Word Wednesday...

Create. Creativity. Creation. Creative.

Amazing how one word and it's variations can elicit a response in me now.

I get a little giddy....a little excited. Just one word.

When I started this journey with CREATE in January (one-word2014 here's the link to my post about my word from all the way back then), I had no idea the journey it would take me on. 

I have literally been to places that I have never been before. I have tried new things. I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I have started to find the self that I have always wanted to be. 

How is this possible? It's just one word.

This morning, I had the privilege of facilitating a one word discussion with my co-workers. I asked them the question of "Do you still like your word?" and "Would you choose it again today and why?" 

I expected at least a few to say they hated theirs and wanted a new one. But no one did. Every person said that although difficult at times their word was exactly what they NEEDED. Something that spoke to their HEART's LONGINGS. It was really what they needed to FOCUS on.

Wow. Yes. That is so true of my word too.

In all the chaos of our lives, having a simple word that speaks into what we long for is like an oasis. To me its lip balm on chapped lips. It's clean sheets after a long day. 

In all the madness of making a life and a career, this word has reminded me that I was made...forgive me...CREATED ;)...for so much more. 

Here are some of my friends' words:


The other thing that struck me is that each word reminded me of a characteristic of God that we are all longing to know. Each one speaks into what we are needing. If we tried to study and understand all of His attributes....well I'd just give up. I couldn't do it. But He is gracious and He is only asking me to focus one right now. 

Each one of seems to be learning about the longing that was placed in our hearts by Our Creator for Our Creator. My mind is a little blown right now. But how cool is that!?

Maybe you are reading this and your beliefs are different than mine. That's ok, friend. Seriously. All I want is for us to all take a look at that tug in our heart. The thing(s) that we can't ignore....and do something about it.

I love the quote at the top of this post from our sweet, beautiful, inspirational Maya. I found that to be so true lately. The more I use my creativity, the larger my supply. What is your word...your thing...your heart's longing? And what are you doing about it? If you haven't already, start letting it invade your life a little. I promise that you won't be sorry.

peace, love, and heart's longings,
chrissy :)


  1. This post was a balm to my soul! Lip balm on chapped lips. Clean sheets after a long day. Oh wait...those were YOUR artfully crafted words. Chris, I love that you're leading your co-workers on the one word journey and how neat to know that they all chose the words they needed (no coincidence I gather). My one word of "balance" has been a challenge, not gonna lie. But God has given me tools and cheerleaders along the way to help me grow and I feel like I have inched closer to that balance I crave. It will be a lifelong journey, I know, but not one I have to do alone, praise Jesus. Thanks for sharing of your heart in this post. Love you!

    1. I LOVE your word of is also something that I am leaning into. It is strange that embracing my creative side is actually helping me get to that place of balance between left brain and right brain me. :) I also agree that this is a life long journey...I don't want to give up CREATE at the end of the year. I feel like I am adding it to my life tool box. Love you friend...thank you for what you are speaking into my creative life this year. I KNOW that the Lord put us together for a purpose. :)


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