Thrifting Christmas....

All decorations AND lamp....thrifted!!!
Hello my friends!!! I have been missing being on here! I hope that you all had a beautiful, magical Christmas. I know that we did. It's been so nice to be on vacation and have some time to just bum around and do what I want, but now it's back to blogging!!

While I was preparing for Christmas, I started noticing how much of my decorations and other things that I have thrifted or clearance racked over the years. (probably why I have TOO much!) So I thought I would share with you a little secret of thrifting Christmas....or any other holiday for that matter.

First, decorations are one of my favorite things to thrift. As I've mentioned before, Goodwill and other stores get the Target returns and surplus. This is a great way to pick up brand new decorations for very little cost. I watch for them all year long, but usually my Goodwills are seasonal too and will prominently display them as you get closer to Christmas. I also love finding vintage treasures. The light bulbs in the glass jar were thrifted and are very old. I bought a couple bags for $2 and placed them lovingly in a thrifted glass jar. Also, the glass bulbs are on a thrifted glass plate with Mr Owl looking on. Now, this is my style, but there are always other beautiful decorations, including Christmas trees, available to be thrifted.

Frame, blanket, AND couch all thifted
Next let's talk about gifts. I know that it sounds terribly tacky to thrift a gift, especially for Christmas, but let me explain. I would never give someone a thifted gift as their main present unless it was perfect for them and fabulous. For example, I had a picture of the kids that I needed a frame for. I headed out to the Goodwill in hopes of finding something I could repaint as an extra gift for my mom. I happened to find this beauty, new in the package, for $3.99 and it matched the frames I got her last year. Score! I also picked up a like new hardback book for my dad for $1.99. Of course, I tell my parents I thrifted them so they will be proud!

The other great way to get a gift is thrifting collectibles. My mom has been collecting these Boyd's Bears for years and they are normally very expensive. The places to purchase them are dwindling and the prices go up each time. However, I have a secret. Many times, people collect things for a season and then move on, either to another collection....or to heaven. There are times when whole collections get donated and that's where I come in. Mr Thrifty and I have been known to open 37 boxes until we find just the right one, but when we do it's a treasure! One time we found a stash at a Salvation Army for about $3 a piece. We stocked up on them, stashed them in the closet, and brought one out each holiday that needed a gift. My mom has loved it! She hasn't cared that they are not new to her. A true collector appreciates something because it is added to their collection, not because of where it came from! You can do this with an collection. I have a love for colored glass, others love antique books, vintage handbags, tools, etc.

All clothes thrifted! (except for hat and tie)

Finally, let's talk about my favorite....clothes! My daughter wants a Christmas Eve dress every year, but it's always tricky because money is already stretched tight. So this year, we headed to the Goodwill. (her idea!!) Upon walking in, she found a gorgeous, purple Merona dress shirt for her brother. (for $3.69) We then found her a purple dress that fit her perfectly that also rang up as $3.69. So here I have my babies in matching colors for just over $7! I went to my closet to find something and pulled out this Isaac Mizrahi dress that I thrifted a couple years ago, Mr. Thrifty is wearing a thrifted button down and jeans. Here we are in our completely thrifted Christmas outfits. This is pretty normal for us though so I'm not saying this as just something to do for when budgets are tight. You can do this all year round!

Thrifted dress and shoes, jewelry items were gifts!

Now I love shopping and saving money a lot, but this year it struck me that by thrifting not only saves me money, but it's also helping others. Remember that the Goodwill and Salvation Army exist to help individuals and families with jobs, skills, and other needs. Also, several of the smaller second hand stores I visited this year support jail and rescue mission ministries. So you can look good AND feel good about your purchases. 

hope you all have a beautiful day and happy thrifting!

peace, love, and cute shoes,


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing. You have a beautiful family ♥


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