Well, let's give it a try...

So if you are my friend on Facebook or a follower on Instagram, you know that for the last couple months I have been posting my "fashion diaries". I got the idea from an amazing new friend, Christina, who has an amazing website (http://www.littlefashiondiary.com/) She has created a community of friends who not only share their daily outfits, but also their lives. I love sharing other peoples style and ideas. I love being a part of their lives, encouraging them and being encouraged in return.

It got me to thinking. What we wear describes the situation we find ourselves in, what mood we are in, what jobs the day holds, etc. It is so much more than just cloth to cover our bodies. Sometimes a great outfit can change a whole day.

As long as I can remember, I have loved fashion. As a little girle, my mom made sure that EVERYTHING matched on the outfits I wore and it has stayed with me. As a high school student with parents who couldn't afford to keep up financially with my craving for fashion, I worked hard, saved my money, and learned to search and bargain and thrift in order to look my best on the small budget I had.

Many people have asked me where I find my clothes, shoes, and jewelry. I have been proud to share that they have been thrifted and found on theclearance racks. It is a treasure hunt that I have perfected. With this blog, I would love to try to share my secrets and tricks and things I've learned over the years.

I also want to share how even though finding cute things is great, the secret to really feeling good and looking good is finding your own personal style, what looks good on you, and being comfortable in your own skin.

Wow that seems like a lot to cover. Maybe over the next weeks, months, etc. I can try to touch on it all and see where we end up.

peace, love, and cute shoes


  1. SO excited to read your blog since I've loved ssing your fashion diaries on FB. I agree about how fun it is finding a community through blogging. I certainly have encountered this with my blog. Since you're a fellow tall chick, I'll definitely tweet your blog posts since I know my Twitter friends will like seeing your finds!


  2. This is totally my new favorite blog!!!! I love how you grew up and worked hard for what you have and your fashion!! That is so inspiring to me! That makes fashion so much more rewarding. I can't wait to follow your adventures on here. Love, one of your biggest fans!!! ;D christina

  3. I have been loving thrifting lately!! I look forward to more ideas and tips!!

  4. I can't wait! I love your style and the pics you post on IG.


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