what do you wear when you feel crappy?

Red jacket: Goodwill $5.99 (i wear this ALL the time now!)
Skirt/dress: derek heart summer sundress, $5.99 Goodwill
Black tights: $5 at Walgreens (yep Walgreens)
Boots: I'm ashamed to say I splurged and paid $30 for these NEW at Charlotte Russe. They were on sale though :)
Earrings: $1.50 at Forever 21

 Have you ever had "one of those weeks"? This week has been that for me. I had a great outfit on Sunday night for church that I was so excited to share with you all, but got too sick to take pictures. As it turned out, I was battling kidney stones. Awesome.

Monday morning, I got up for work, put on a comfy dress and cardi and headed to work, only to turn around and come right home. Tuesday I didn't even try. I stayed home in my sweats. Then on Wednesday, I tried again. At this point, I didn't care what I looked like. I put on a black dress, black tights, and was searching my room for a black cardi. My 10 year old daughter came in my room and said "Um, did you go goth on me? Please put on some color!". She convinced me to wear a green cardi and and a cream scarf. I have to admit, it did a lot for my spirits. I was still very sick but my spirits were lifted. Thursday, she forced me to wear a pink dress, a comfy dress, but pink. She reminded me that I always feel better in pink.

It got me to thinking about the effect that our clothes can have on attitude. I have a good friend at work who says she can't outdress her state of mind. When she doesn't feel it, she just can't dress like she does. I have another friend who, when she doesn't feel good, dresses to the nines. She says she fakes it till she makes it. :)

For me, I'm somewhere in the middle. If I dress down too much, I feel dumpy. If I dress up too much, it makes me tired trying to pull all that off. So I tend to go with outfits like the one above. Something comfy (usually a dress) and a jacket or cardi that I can hide in, but I make sure it's fitted to I don't look like I'm hiding. ;) One of the other things I do is try to keep color near my face. It tends to brighten me up, even when I'm not bright myself.

What about you? What do you wear when you feel crappy? I challenge you the next time you do to try to dressing up a little and see what happens. I'm not saying you have to wear a dress and heels. Try putting on some brighter lipstick or throw on a scarf. See how you feel. 

I promise that dressing cute did NOT make my kidney stones go away. Wish it did! But I do say that I wasn't as grouchy as I could have been :)

hope you are having a wonderful saturday!

peace, love, and cute shoes,

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