(All items except for the ring were thrifted. The ring was a gift)

What do you think of when you think of a thrift store? Dirty? Messy? For poor people? Or do you think of it as a treasure trove just waiting to be explored?

I have been fascinated with thrift stores since I was a kid. I remember the first Salvation Army I was ever in. It seemed like a wonderland full of possibilities and I continue to feel that way! I always walked away with something new (to me) and exciting for very little money. 

Many people I talk to say they would love to thrift, but it's too overwhelming and they never find anything good. I do agree that it can be overwhelming, but once you know some tricks, thrifting can become your new addiction....i mean...hobby! :)

So how do you start? The first thing you need to do happens before you even go to the store. Take a look at some magazines, websites, Pinterest, or people watch. See what other people are wearing that you like. Make notes, cut things out, Pin some ideas, sneak a cell phone picture. Wander through the mall and snap pictures of mannequins. Do whatever you like to get ideas in your head. I've found that going thrifting without a mental list of what I need or want usually ends in me overspending and/or ending up with stuff that I won't wear or I already have (hence the 7 black cardigans in my closet)

Once you have your ideas, go to your closet. See what you already have that you can work with. Then make a real or mental list of what you "need" to make your ideas come to life. Get creative. Don't limit yourself just to neutrals. Thrifting is a great way to try trends without breaking the bank.

Once you are armed with your list and ideas. Now you are ready to hit the shops!!!

Here is an example of what my fall list looked like:
neutral/tan jacket
penny loafers
brown purse
nude colored heels
cowboy boots
wine/orange/other fall dress and or skirt
brown pants
skinny belt

Now I didn't get everything in my first trip out. In fact, I'm still looking for some good nude heels. But I keep it in mind every time I go to keep me focused! But in the pic above, you will see my penny loafers and below my skinny belt and brown pants! Score!

So your homework for tonight is to get your creative juices flowing! Find some things that make you feel inspired or you would like to try. Here is my outfit from today to get you started LOL

12/8/11 Fashion Diary: 

  • Brown Old Navy pants [thrifted at Goodwill for $3.50]
  • Striped Old Navy long sleeve t-shirt [ON clearance rack for $4]
  • Brown Old Navy cardigan [ON clearance rack a few years ago $7]
  • Brown Skinny Belt [Forever 21 $1.50 FULL PRICE!!]
  • Gold flats [gift from a friend, but I believe they are from Payless]
  • Owl earrings [$5 at Hot Topic]
  • Bracelet [1 of a set of 3 bracelets picked up at Ten Thousand Villages, a free trade store, for $3.50 for the set]

Well that's enough for tonight! I would love to hear what you are looking for and want to thrift! Leave me a comment... I need help with my new list!

peace, love, and cute shoes


  1. Great Tip!
    I too think that going to thrift shops are an awesome expedition! I'm notorious for flocking towards the dark clothing section. I do need more color :)
    Tonight, I'll be going through my closet...picturing what I'd like ♥


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