Birth Month Day 2: A for Adventure!! & a recap of Day 1

Hello my friends! It is now Day 2 of Birth Month...hope you enjoyed the first post of the month and are excited for more to come.

Today, I am kicking off the month with the first of the ABC's of me. Let's see how this goes...some days are not going to be easy. I may have to get CREATIVE ;)


One of the things that I have always longed for is discover new places, try new things, see and experience things that I haven't before. Getting married young and having my babies young was all the adventure that I had for awhile and that was ok! There was so much new and crazy to experience that I needed to not be roaming around the country. However, now that my babies are teeneagers and moving into lives of their own, travelling has become something that I am passionate about again. 

2014 has not disappointed me! At 1/1/14, i had only been to Dallas once and had worked the whole time and I had never been to California at all. That all changed on January 20th. I hopped on a plane headed west. I was going to work, but also seeking adventure! I definitely found it!!

i flew over mountains!!! no one else on the plane cared...
Dana Point home for a few short days 
San Clement Pier at sunset

San Clemente Pier where the surf was up!

Toes in the Pacific for the FIRST TIME!

I promise that I really did work while I was there! :) I had a short stop over in Dallas where it was SO cold. I got to see old friends and explore a bit before heading home.

Less than a month later, I had the chance to go to Miami with my bestie! January on the West Coast and February on the East Coast. Seriously!? I never thought this would be my life!
Collins favorite street in Florida!

Helicopter on a yacht...Miami Boat Show

Breakfast at My favorite South Beach restaurant!

Stopped  by to say hello to my favorite Miami hotel

Met Guy Harvey, the artisit

Drank from a coconut for the first time!

Feet in the Atlantic less than a month after the Pacific

Journaling on the beach

These are just 2 of the adventures that I have had so far this year. In March I traveled to the "boonies" of Florida for Family Camp and in April, back to Dallas for a week of work, conference, and ADVENTURE!! The best part is that although in May I didn't leave Florida, I found adventure right in my own city. I have been challenging myself to find new cafes, shops, and experiences here in town to not only try new things, but also to support my local businesses. It has been so fun to plan out my next adventures just miles from my own bed. I'll share more about that in coming posts.

Birth Month Day 1 Recap

Day 1 was so full of life and fun!! It started with hot tea, party shoes, and some Jesus time at church. I spent some time admiring the art wall in the foyer where I also discovered some friends AND the billboard wall advertising the Prodigal Musical! My sweet friend, Joanna, and I just had to selfie in front of it. The afternoon was full with rehearsal for the Prodigal and then in the evening, I got to hang out with my bestie and a bunch of other screaming Chicago fans at Hard Rock Live. The show was amazing and was such an awesome way to kick off the month!

Now we are at Day 2! Make sure to stop by tomorrow for a recap of the beauty and fun from today :)

peace, love, and ADVENTURE,
chrissy :)


  1. Whoo-hoo!!! I made your blog! I feel famous! :)
    Love all the adventure this year has held so far for you! Here's to many adventures, planned and unplanned!

    1. You ARE famous!! :) I should have tagged you so you would know that I gave you a shout out!! :) You are now my adventure inspiration, my friend!! I can't wait to see the awesome things that happen on your adventures :)

  2. I love the idea of sharing the ABCs of Chris! And adventurous you are! I've been so blessed to have heard through coffee talk some of the details of those're an inspiration, dear one!

    1. You sweet girl....thank you for listening to my verbal processing and rambling :) Hope that we can find some adventures together soon....or maybe after Prodigal ;)


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