Birth Month Day 7: F is for FAVORITES and Day 6 Recap

F is for Favorites

Now is were I attempt the death injuring feat of listing my 38 favorite things. 38, you ask? Oh yes, here is where I admit my age, dear friends. In a matter of days I will be in my late 30's just a mere step away from the dreaded 40. So, I will distract myself by listing my favorite things so as to ease the pain....

  1. Disney everything...parks, movies, toys, songs, clothes, etc.
  2. Beach days
  3. Brown paper joke. I tie mine with ribbon instead of string though.
  4. Rainy day naps
  5. Pink 
  6. Freshly painted fingernails
  7. Glitter
  8. Tiny things and miniatures
  9. 80's Teen movies...16 Candles is my favorite
  10. Pinning all of the things
  11. Star Wars
  12. Glass jars and bottles
  13. Pink roses
  14. Being barefoot 
  15. Driving with the windows down and the music loud
  16. Hot showers with good smelling soap
  17. Sleeping to the sound of the ocean
  18. Maple syrup...the real stuff
  19. Images and shapes of birds, but not live birds
  20. Vintage furniture
  21. A-line dresses
  22. Giant lollipops
  23. Clean sheets
  24. High heels
  25. Large rings...the more sparkly the better
  26. Harry Potter
  27. Owls...I actually like the real ones too
  28. Daisies of all sort
  29. Twinkle lights
  30. Dr. Pepper
  31. Soft jeans full of holes
  32. Cereal for any meal
  33. Live music and theater
  34. Giant earrings
  35. Buttercream frosting
  36. Christmas songs
  37. Purses and bags of all types
  38. COFFEE!!!
That was actually easier than I thought! How about you? What are your favorite things??

Birth Month Day 6 Recap:
Top left: That is my "I just left work at 6:45pm on Friday BUT I am now on VACATION" selfie
Top middle: Car ride home shuffle song of the day
Top right: Sweet little birds at work
Middle left: Cinderella Pez (a combo of two of my favorites!) gifted to me by my sweet Rebekah
Middle right: Spent the evening going back through a ton of my Disney photos that I have taken and edited over the past few years. Make sure you check out the D for Disney post.
Bottom left: Cutest. Coke can. EVER!
Bottom middle: 1 of 2 pairs of beautiful free trade earrings gifted to me by Rebekah as well.
Bottom right: Ride to work shuffle song of the day

Enough posting for today...time for me to get ready for a fun evening at the movies....Disney movie of course! 

See you tomorrow!

peace, love, and favorite things,
chrissy :)


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