Birth month Day 6: E is for ESFJ and Day 5 Recap

A few of these make me cringe a little, but are spot on :)

E is for ESFJ

Hello friends! Welcome to the Day 6 post of E. I debated over several topics for this one and actually just changed my mind again. I have actually been spending quite a bit of time lately reviewing my Myers Briggs personality type and how it shapes they way I live, work, and perceive the world around me. It is fascinating stuff!!

I tested as an ESFJ. I won't attempt to explain to you what those letters stand for because I am in no way an expert. (I have smart friends who are though!!) Have you ever taken the test? If you haven't or you don't remember what you are, you can go to the Myers Briggs website to see how to take the test. There are also great resources there for learning more about yourself and the types of others. (I like to analyze other people too...I'm sure I'm not alone in that)

According to the MBTI personality type description page of the website, ESFJ's are described as:
  • "warm hearted, conscientious, and cooperative"
  • "want harmony in their environment"
  • "work with determination to establish it [harmony]"
  • "like to work with others to complete tasks accurately and on time"
  • "loyal, follow through even on small matters"
  • "notice what others need in their day to day lives and try to provide it"
  • "want to be appreciated for you they are and what they contribute"
There are many things that I connect to here...but not everything. This is natural with personality typing, I am finding. Because of my other "wiring" (strengths, upbringing, birth order, gender, etc) it may play out differently in me than other ESFJ's. Also, each of the areas is on a spectrum and I may not be strong in one area because I can lean towards its other side. For example: The E stands for extrovert. I am an EXTREME EXTROVERT...shocking I know. However, I have Introverted tendencies because I am an only child. Cool, right?

I am also learning about the "Dark Side" of my personality type that come out when I am stressed or triggered. Here is a great picture that describes that. At work, we call this the "Stress Head".

This definitely resonated with me the first time I saw it. It has been really helpful for me to be able to communicate with others when I am upset and has helped be get to the bottom of why I am upset.

Friends, I encourage you to get check it out. I think you will learn a lot about yourself that will help take you to the next level in your personal growth. :)

Birth Month Day 5 Recap!

Top left: Birthday card from my sweet,encouraging,uplifting friend, Judy
Top middle: my free, birthday reward Starbucks!!
Top right: Sparkly, amazing birthday card from one of my closest, dearest friends, Rebekah
Middle left: Part of our amazing BCL volunteer appreciation was spending the evening at SAK Comedy lab for a show that was just for us!! 
Middle right: My special rings of the day
Bottom left: Photo collage borrowed from my friend and awesome stage manager, Joanna. She photo documented some great moments from the appreciation evening.
Bottom middle: Me, Mr Thrifty, and Amazing Amanda the tech/costume/prop master and friend
Bottom right: Starbucks notifying me of my birthday reward that I promptly used 1 hour later!

Day 5 was FULL of fun and full that it got me behind on posting, but it was so worth it. Check back in a little while for a post on F and a Day 6 recap....and we will be back on track!!

peace, love, and MBTI!
chrissy :) 


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