BIRTHMONTH 2014 IS HERE! {Birth Month 2014 Day 1}


How in the world is it June already?? Wasn't it just the other day that we were picking new words for the year and sipping eggnog? Now the year is half way done and it is BIRTHMONTH for ME!(I know...I know...other people were born in June too)

If you are lost and have no idea why I am SHOUTING about BIRTHMONTH (Side note: my iPhone now autocorrects to "BIRTHMONTH" every time I start to type the word. #winning), let me share a link to my post from last year describing why I celebrate the entire month of June. why-i-celebrate-birthmonth 2013

Birthmonth 2013 was definitely a great one...and a hard one.

My baby girl ended up with an emergency appendectomy and several days in the hospital at the end of June last year. Although it was scary and exhausting, being their for my baby was the only place I wanted to be. Last year's word PEACE really got tested here. The Lord provided this verse outside her room to help me remember who she really belongs too.

Birthmonth 2013, also found me with my very first Disney annual pass, lots of friend time, and the thing that I'm not sure will ever be topped...singing Hangin' Tough with thousands of other 30 and 40 something year old ladies at the New Kids on the Block and Boys II Men concert. I partied like it was 1990 and lost my voice from screaming! 

It was a beautiful month of celebrating the life I have been given. With its messes AND magic.

So now, BirthMonth 2014 is upon us. I cannot wait to get it started! I have some fun things in store for you, my friendly blog reader. That's get to join in the fun!

My biggest reason for choosing to celebrate each day of the month I was born, is to commemorate and savor every bit of this life I have been given. What better place to do that than here with you?

I am challenging myself to 30 days of blog posts for the month of June. During that time, I will be sharing the ABC's of me, giving you a glimpse into my birthdays past, and MAYBE even giving away some goodies to YOU because what is a good birthday party without my friends getting to join me in the fun?! 

Make sure you stop by each day to see what I am sharing next and how you can be a part of celebrating life! I encourage you to start thinking of your own stories and what is worth celebrating to you. If I gave you a whole month to party, what would you do? What would be the things you'd choose to eat, drink, wear and who would you want to spend time with? We only get this one life, friends. Let's enjoy it and live it to the fullest!!

peace, love, and BIRTHMONTH!,

chrissy :)


  1. Happy birth month, Chris! And I'm sooooo excited for the daily blog posts! Bring it on, beauty in the everyday of June!

    1. Yay!! Thanks for being here for the journey...2 days down of my challenge....I mean celebration! ;)


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