Birth Month Days 8 & 9 and why I am gonna slow my roll...

Slowing my roll....

Confession: I am an overachiever. A workaholic. A perfectionist. An unrealistic expectation maker. A tired mess. 

Yep. Maybe some of you can relate.

One of the things that I am "working on" this year is to cease striving. A bit counter intuitive, I know, but it has had to become a discipline for me. If not, I would be constantly running around working, striving, trying to achieve, trying to check things off off unrealistic boxes.

Well, guess what? I turned Birth Month into an unrealistic check box list. What is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, I turned into something else that I needed to "get done." 

In an effort to share my joy, I burdened myself with my own unrealistic goals. And I am using this blog as my personal journal and I'm Sorry note to myself. You can read if you want.

I set out to do 30 posts in 30 days in Birth Month and have made myself worried and anxious about getting it done and doing it "right". The truth is, this was something that only I set for myself to do. No one expected this from me. So why am I stressing?

Yes, it was good to have a goal. But during my attempt to relax and celebrate, I added in striving. 

Does this mean that I'm not going to continue writing this month or filling in the ABC's of me? No way! I'm having fun with that, but what I'm not going to do is worry about whether or not I get it done everyday and if I get 30 posts in before the end of the month. I am going to relax and enjoy the process, but if I'm not then what is the point.

So, I'm sorry, Self. Sorry for stressing, striving, and making unrealistic expectations on you once again. 

You guys have anything you need to apologize to yourself for? It's actually really great. Try it....I bet you will feel good too.

Birth Month Days 8&9 Recaps

Day 8 also happened to be mine and Mr. Thrifty's 18th wedding anniversary. After church, we made our way to Ybor City (Tampa) and St. Petersburg for some nerdy historical exploring and adventure! More on that later though.

Top Left and Middle: We ate dinner at the historic Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City. It was opened in 1905 in that exact spot and now takes up an entire city block and can seat over 1,700 people. This is just one of the dining rooms and the tiles sign from the outside.

Top right:Spent some time in vintage heaven, aka La France, an amazing vintage shop in Ybor. I wish that I had a million dollars so I could have bought an amazing new wardrobe.

Middle left: We ended the evening watching the sunset and drinking our caffeinated beverages of choice on the porch of the historic Vinoy Hotel on the bay. This was a frequent hang out for Al Capone back in the day and it is full of mystery and stories.

Middle right: St. Pete marina

Bottom left: Antique lamp posts in Ybor City. They are all along the street where a cable car still operates.

Bottom Middle: Mr Thrifty and I before church

Bottom right: The stained glass above the doors at the Columbia Restaurant.

Top left: started the morning drinking coffee and admiring my treasures collected on my Day 8 adventures. Fresh Cuban coffee, postcards, and elephant creamer from the Columbia. Wooden cigar box (that was on clearance for $4!), postcards, and Ybor cup/saucer/spoon combo from the Ybor historical museum. There are little coasters too that the sweet, older lady running the museum gave me because she liked me :)

Top middle: Baby Girl in my birthday sombrero

Top right: MY MAGIC BAND CAME!!!!!!! This holds my Disney annual pass and will hold all my Fast Pass info for my Disney birthday celebration tomorrow :)

Middle left: the Disney movies we selected for our movie marathon. We watched Alice then took a detour to Thor 2. Tangled came later. 

Middle right: My Daddy and my Handsome Teenager sharing steak fajitas for 2 at my birthday dinner

Bottom left: Mr Thrifty in my birthday sombrero. Some how I missed getting a picture of me in my sombrero in this collage. 

Bottom middle: Table side guacamole made by one of our favorite guys

Bottom right: the most amazing, Mexican chocolate cake with chocolate/cinnamon frosting

So many more things to share from these two days, but that will wait for later. Must go get cleaned up for another day of adventure. See you soon!

peace, love, and ceasing striving,
chrissy :)


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